Personal Trainers

We are currently looking for a few certified personal trainers to train in our facility, either part or full time, on an independent contractor basis. All candidates are encouraged to apply—whether you just took your exam and passed last week, or you have 40 years of experience, we would love to speak with you.

The perfect candidate will be currently certified through an accredited organization, have his or her current CPR/AED card, and have valid, current professional liability insurance.

He or she will also have these soft skills:

  • Warm, personable and professional demeanor
  • Punctual to all clients’ sessions
  • Kind and courteous to all gym members, other trainers, and instructors
  • Understanding and belief in our gym’s philosophy
  • Passion for training, fitness, and wellness

In addition to the equipment pictured on our website, we also have a punching bag and gloves, TRX straps, resistance bands, weighted bars, battle ropes, medicine balls, stability balls, ab rollers, yoga blocks, and mats for trainers to use for clients.

Please text, call, or email for any questions! Resumes are great, but not required; I would much rather get to know someone in person than take a look at a piece of paper.

Michael Krauchak

  • (724) 496-6929
  • michael.krauchak@gmail.com

Thank you!