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Personal Training

Balance Fitness offers personal training for those that would like additional support in meeting their goals. If you are interested in personal training, please contact the trainer directly by call or text, and he or she will respond to you shortly.

Learn more about each trainer’s personal background by visiting our Meet the Staff page by clicking here.

Russell Roberts

(503) 616-6782

Certifications: ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Silver Sneakers certified

Certified since: 2004

Training specialties: Flexibility, older adults, muscle toning, bodybuilding, strength training

Training style/what I like about training: My philosophy with training is to work closely with clients, and eventually teach all my clients how to do the exercise so you don’t have to become reliable on having a trainer. For all my clients, I create 3D diagrams and models on how to do the exercise, so that you become independent with exercise and learn how to train for life. I started out as a martial artist many years ago, and then I switched over to bodybuilding, and have had this passion for over 30 years. As I am getting older, I am now finding yoga as a way to rejuvenate my health, and currently studying more in the ways of flexibility.

Jessica Ashman

(503) 545-7006

Certifications: ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, ISSA Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition

Certified since: 2016

Training specialties: Weight loss, strength training, functional training, muscle gain, mobility, weight gain, and nutrition/meal planning

Training style/what I like about training: Just like you, I have been through a lot of uphill and downhill battles when it comes to my body and health. I was always very slim with no muscle, had a hard time gaining weight, and grew up with horrible eating habits. Once I got into a normal gym routine, I fell in love with my results from exercising consistently, and slowly learned more about weight training and nutrition. Getting into shape is the best thing anyone can do for the longevity of their life. If you have low energy, want to be more productive, and want to change your daily habits, let’s get together and talk about how we can reach your goals!

Jonathan Gomez

(323) 608-0351

Certifications: ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, ISSA nutritional certification, ISSA Mobility corrective exercise coach

Certified since: 2017

Training specialties: Mobility, strength, meal planning

Training style/what I like about training: As an ISSA certified personal trainer and nutritionist, my goal is to inspire my clients to become the best versions of themselves by ensuring that their individual needs and goals are met each day. Every client faces different challenges in their fitness journey, whether that means working through a knee replacement, living with diabetes, suffering from lower back pain, or even lacking that motivation to get active. We can work together to address any or all of these issues and create a plan that will embody a lifelong, healthier you!

Mike Krauchak

(724) 496-6929

Certifications: NETA Certified Personal Trainer

Certified since: 2018

Training specialties: Flexibility, older adults, balance and coordination, muscle toning

Training style/what I like about training: Fitness has been a passion of mine since just out of high school, and I had taken the next step to get officially certified at the end of last year. While new to the industry, I have found a specific passion for helping folks new to fitness tone muscle and lose weight through a dedicated strength plan, especially with older clients that need easier or gentle care. Seeing clients reach and set goals beyond what they ever knew they were capable of is the most driving thing in the world! “I could have never done this before we started training” is a great thing to hear, but I couldn’t do it without the determination of clients to make a positive change in themselves.