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Certified Personal Trainers

Mike Krauchak

Dieting and exercise has always been such a rollercoaster for me. I grew up as the chubby kid, all the way up until I was 16, when bulimia took over my life. I dropped a ton of weight in a matter of a few months in the unhealthiest way possible, both physically and mentally (nobody tells you that there are lifelong physical and mental side effects that come with an eating disorder, even though it was only temporary). After that year, and months of training my mind to shift focus, I turned the obsession to weightlifting. I’ve been doing so ever since.

I had taught myself mostly everything I knew about strength training. Proper technique, proper form, how many reps work for my body at certain weights, how I got injured, and how not to do so again. All of this has been from years of my own experience, added with the year of studying with NETA for my personal training exam. It wasn’t until about 6 years ago that diet, as well, became a large part of my life.

I had found myself not able to gain any more muscle, no matter the number of reps, the weight, or how much I ate. This was, until, I stopped eating meat. Within a matter of months, I looked healthier, I felt healthier, and muscles, throughout my body, increased in size. This was when I learned that nutrition, as well as a healthy fitness lifestyle, are both very highly important to building a better me. This doesn’t have to be not eating meat; this can be removing ANY highly processed foods from your diet—you WILL see a difference!

My goal is to take everything I know, and help you succeed in these ways too. To help you feel better, physically, emotionally, and mentally, for wherever life may lead you. My passion and my heart is with fitness, and I hope to find that drive within you too.

Pili Kaaihue

Pili shifted his career focus to personal training about two years ago, and fitness started becoming the main focus of his life. He started his career with a gym in Tanasbourne, but now trains most of his clients here at Balance Fitness. Pili brings a warm presence to the gym and a personable experience to all training sessions, and is openly welcoming new clients.

Jessica Ashman

I have always been the skinny girl with “twig arms” that never gained weight. I hated my body. I constantly compared myself to other women who looked better in my eyes. Before becoming a personal trainer, I rarely ate full meals with the proper amount of nutrition to fuel my body. I ate fast food every day (chicken nuggets and french fries were my go to), and I consistently bought soda and sweets to feed my hunger. It all changed when someone told me that I “seriously needed to eat a hamburger”. I realized I lost 15 lbs. and became anorexic at some point after high school. I was shocked at the amount of weight I lost… I had no idea it was even possible for me to lose weight like that. Soon after that, I made life changes. I started going to the gym regularly, taught myself about macro nutrients, and how to eat healthy. Once I got into a normal gym routine, I fell in love with lifting. Over time, I slowly learned the basics of body building and became certified as a personal trainer in Oregon.

Getting into shape is the best thing anyone can do for their longevity. Whether you are looking for a custom training program with an accountability partner or a pre-built booty building eBook, I would love to help you reach your fitness goals.

Feel free to check out Jessica’s website here at

Jonathan Gomez

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and moved to Portland seven years ago to pursue a degree in Political Science at Portland State University. Baseball was my biggest childhood passion and kindled my love for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.

After receiving my diploma in 2016 and realizing that my job felt incomplete without a daily focus on fitness, I decided to pursue this passion full time. Becoming a personal trainer allowed me to begin sharing this love and lifestyle with others.

Feel free to check out Jonathan’s website here at

Russell Roberts

I started out in bodybuilding and high intensity training, and I still enjoy that, but eventually work my way into senior fitness. I found that the typical fitness class for seniors were not challenging enough, and fell in favor of the class to give them more challenges. I believe that one should train harder but smarter, that fitness isn’t just about resistance, but also about reaction time, and balance as the primary issues isn’t loss of strength, but the loss of power and speed as one ages.
My newfound impression of the senior population was that they were much more fun to exercise with and had more vitality than I had pictured before I started teaching the class. I still enjoy high intensity training of bodybuilding into my routine, and balance that with more flexibility training to keep muscle tissue more limber, and recovery enhance.

Russell teaches our Silver & Fit Boot Camp on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. He is also a certified personal trainer here at Balance.

Certified Instructors

Autumn Browning

Autumn is a certified Piyo Instructor, Body Weight Training and Water Aerobics Instructor. She is passionate about health and fitness and enjoys trying a variety of exercises—she ran Track & Field and Cross Country in Junior High and High School, and continued long distance running for 10 years. She currently teaches Barre, Boot Camp, PiYo, and Cardio HIIT. She has participated in a wide variety of fitness classes throughout her life to expand her knowledge of fitness and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Her favorite classes include Kickboxing, Turbokick, and Insanity. In her free time she loves doing yoga, dancing, taking care of her many animals and spending time with her family.

Autumn teaches our PiYo, Cardio HIIT, Barre, Vinyasa Yoga, and Boot Camp classes scattered through the beginning to middle of the week.

Amanda Tevis

Amanda’s fitness journey started with a stack of over 300 workout videos, and when she got tired of those she started working with a personal trainer and taking classes at the gym. Amanda took her first Zumba class in 2017 and fell in love. In addition to being fun, Amanda credits exercise classes with helping her lose over 65 pounds (so far) and improving the symptoms of Fibromyalgia and other health challenges she faces. She is determined that her health will never hold her back.

Amanda never thought she would be the one teaching the classes she was attending until only two months after her first class, when a friend dragged her to a Zumba certification with Gina Grant. The instructors in the classes she was taking saw her potential and mentored and encouraged her to start teaching. As she has grown as an instructor, Amanda found confidence and the ability to tackle new challenges that she never had before. In addition to teaching Zumba and Cardio Dance, Amanda has experience in teaching formats ranging from Water Aerobics, HIIT training, Step Aerobics, Yoga to Senior classes. She is always ready to tackle something new.

Amanda is known for her fun and motivating personality. She cares about each person in her classes, encouraging them and helping with options to modify or challenge them where they need. Her classes become a real community. When she is not teaching, Amanda enjoys yardwork, volunteering in her community, crocheting blankets for friends, and watching Bollywood Movies (she speaks Hindi).

Amanda is certified in Zumba, Zumba Gold, Group Exercise, Silver Sneakers, and Yoga Fit. She currently teaches our Zumba and Yoga classes on Thursdays.

Carole Cotten-Figueiredo

Carole has been a student of yoga for over 20 years, and a certified yoga instructor for 7. She is trained in Phoenix Rising, Vinyasa and Yin yoga. She is also a licensed massage therapist and CranioSacral practitioner. Besides being her favorite form of exercise, Carole loves that yoga is an excellent tool for self-awareness. It is her belief that as we experience the movement and stillness of yoga, with conscious breath, we become more connected with the wisdom inherent in our bodies. Carole loves to share yoga with all age groups, and taught the first through eighth graders at City View Charter School from 2008-2016 while her son was enrolled there, as well as holding children’s and adult’s classes at Rose Springs Center for the Healing Arts from 2010-2013.

Carole teaches our Yoga Lunch Break, based on yin yoga, on Friday at 11:30.

Massage Therapists

Tiffanie Volk

Tiffanie has been an LMT since 2006. She offers a unique massage experience tailored to each individual’s needs for relaxation, stress relief, chronic pain, sports injuries and assisted stretching. Specializing in deep tissue, Swedish, hot stones, sports, cupping and IASTM. By utilizing different modalities she strives to create the best experience for all of her clients.

Please click here for more details on her availability or offered services!